Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Obligitory Hello World

Hello all,

I am Chandler Norris, an admittedly amateur game developer and this is my development blog.  I am currently working on a game prototype using Python/PyGame as my rudimentary framework.  I have made a few Ludum Dare games (found here) and countless prototypes scattered across countless hard drives.  I am also leader of a Game Developer's Forum at the TinkerMill, a hackerspace in Longmont, Colorado.  If it is not obvious at this point, I am definitely into making and playing games.

Now before you say anything, yes, I know that I'm not using the "optimal" language, such as Lua or C#, nor am I using more feature-complete tools, like Unity or Construct2. Why? The answer is simple: I like what I'm using right now.  That is not to say that I am against exploring those options further, it is just I have not found PyGame's limitations to really hinder my ability to make the games I want to make.  Once I find it to hold back the types of games I want to make, I will start exploring these other options.

Join me in this adventure of game design!

- Chandler

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